inmerse in the mystical mayan world to free deeri from the curse.

Get ready for an exciting and modern 2D adventure set in a massive (and cursed) world filled with dangerous creatures and tricky puzzles. It’s gonna be a blast!

Delve into the darkness, discover unique worlds and break the curse.

Deer Crusade is an epic adventure game that transports you to a dangerous and enchanting world inspired by the mesmerizing Mayan culture. You’ll step into the shoes of Deeri, a courageous young hero who gets caught in a curse and must face daring dangers to find her way back home.

With a gripping and mysterious storyline, stunning hand-drawn artwork, and a mesmerizing soundtrack, Deer Crusade will sweep you away into a world of pure magic.

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating journey packed with thrilling challenges that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire game. Will you be the one to guide Deeri back home? Get ready to unveil the secrets and embrace the adventure in Deer Crusade!

solve the mysteries of the mystical Mayan world and find the way back home.

The story kicks off with Deeri, a brave young lady who gets caught in a dark and dangerous forest while trying to make her way back home. But guess what? Things take a wild turn when she comes face to face with a mysterious figure who gifts her a super magical stone. The moment Deeri touches it, boom! She gets cursed and whisked away to a whole new world, jam-packed with dangerous mystical creatures and powerful Mayan gods she must take on if she wants to break free and find her way back home.

Explore, fight and survive with challenging but fun gameplay

In Deer Crusade, it’s all about exploration! Dive into an unknown world where there are no guides or maps showing you where to go. It’s just you, your gut feeling, and your knack for uncovering secrets in every nook and cranny. But hey, don’t underestimate the wild creatures lurking around! They won’t think twice before launching an attack, so gear up for some epic battles.

The gameplay in Deer Crusade is a thrilling mix of challenge and fun. Get ready to crack puzzles and take down different foes, all while making your way closer to the ultimate objective: finding your way back home.

Dive trhoug beautifull and dangerous unique worlds

gallery - Work in progress

A small team with a big dream

Bound by their shared love and passion for video games, the amazing trio behind Black Coffee Studios is on a mission to create a game that’s truly unique and exhilarating. Here’s the thing: it’s their very first project, and they’re no experts in game development. But guess what? They’re not letting that stop them from making their dream come true. They’re dead set on soaking up knowledge and dedicating their time and effort to mastering every aspect of game development. Even with their regular day jobs, they’re fully committed to bringing this project to life and making it a success.


Pepe is a systems engineer and an enthusiastic C programmer. Enjoys tinkering with every bit a computer has. Has been playing video games for the past 30 years.


Juan Rich is our project director and tester. Also he’s a Star Wars fan since forever


Israel is an illustrator and traditional painter. He will be leading the art of Deer Crusade.

this is how you can support us

Why kickstarter?

Kickstarter is the ultimate platform for making awesome projects happen, just like Hollow Knight or System Shock. When you donate, you’re helping us reach our funding goal and bring our project to life. You can donate any amount you want, and in return, we’ve got some cool stuff for you! You can score a copy of the game or even get in on the action by helping design an enemy.

And guess what? Your donation is totally secure with Kickstarter. They only charge your payment method if we hit our funding goal. With Kickstarter, we can show off all the cool things we’re doing and keep you updated on our progress every step of the way.

We’d be over the moon if you could support us in making Deer Crusade a reality. Find out more about our project and join in on the fun on Kickstarter!

Want a taste from the curse?

Download and give our latest demo a try! It’s a work in progress, so it doesn’t showcase the final quality we aim to achieve in the full version.

As we make progress in development, you’ll have access to new test versions along the way.

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